Siskowit Galloways Beef For Sale

Siskowit Galloway Farm offers beef by the whole, half and quarter. The price is $3.00 lb hanging weight plus processing.

Here are some general guidelines for the amount of beef you can expect to receive.
Whole 650 lbs hanging x $3.00 = $1950 + processing 429 lbs meat
Half 325 lbs hanging x $3.00 = $975+ processing 215 lbs meat
Quarter 163 lbs hanging x $3.00= $489 + processing 110 lbs meat

Processing is done at Whiskey Ridge in Radisson WI. Processing charges are $0.50 a lb, and may vary depending on how you choose to have your portion cut, processed and packaged.

A $150.00 deposit is required to reserve your beef.